What we do for our customers

• Secure electronic document transfer
• Full title search with support documentation
• Convenient closing location and scheduling
• On site legal counsel


For Realtors: This insurance provides homebuyers and lenders important protection against loss as a result of certain title issues like fraud, forgery, and liens. Problems that could limit a homeowner’s use and enjoyment of their property are effectively managed by a Cadillac Title Professional.


For Lenders: Whether you are a national lender or a local lender Cadillac Title’s lender-specific products and services can help you streamline the process, stay informed about regulatory changes, and enhance your customers’ closing experience. Services Include: Due Diligence, Uniform Commercial Code services, Title and Settlement Services, Equity Services, Disclosure Reports, Non-National foreclosure Title Services, Trustee Services, Trustee Services, Asset Disposition Services, Loss mitigation Title Services, Foreclosure Title Services.


For Builders: Whether you are a local Builder or large scale developer, our individualized approach and builder-specific products allow us to customize our services specifically to your needs and goals. Title Insurance, Homebuilders Escrow Settlement Services, Signature Services – Homebuilders


For Buyers & Sellers: Along with offering our clients with title insurance protection, Cadillac Title offers a variety of products and services. Residential Title Insurance, Escrow Settlement Services, Signing services, Due diligence, Disclosure Reports.


For Attorneys: Our on-site legal counsel provides am advantage by creating efficiencies for large and small agencies, locally and nationally.


For Commercial Clients: Our Title services and solutions streamline the process, helping commercial property professionals – from buyers and sellers to attorneys and lenders.